Christmas in Texas Dance Recital

Sunday afternoon the girls had their Christmas Recital. This was the first time that the dance studio did this recital and it was so cute!!
(Be warned major picture overload!)
Abigail all dressed in her cowgirl attire.
Let the dancing begin…
After she finished dancing she came to sit was us and gave us a thumbs up!
Since Abigail’s class danced at 2 and Kate’s class danced at 3 we had some extra time to kill.  So Abigail decided to entertain all of us waiting.  Let’s just say Abigail is not shy!
Now it is Kate’s turn.
Kate in her first outfit for her dance recital…
Time to for their first dance – the ballet dance.
Next up was their tap dance.
The girls did such a great job!! We were so glad that Mimi flew in for their performance and Mrs. Shelley also came to show her support for the girls.  Now time to get ready for their Spring Recital.

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