Christmas in Matador

This past weekend we headed west for Christmas with my family. 
The girls were so excited to see all their cousins and played none stop.  I am so glad that all of my extended family (aunts and uncles) live in the same small town so that when holidays come around everyone is there.
Friday night we had Christmas with my parents.  The girls ran, screamed and played all day long.  

The girls ready for presents.
Abigail was so excited about her new Barbie car
Kate was even more excited about her Cake Pop kit
Then on Saturday we headed to the Bed and Breakfast to hang with the rest of the family for the day.
We arrived at noon and it was non stop until about 10:30 pm when we thought it was time to go to bed.
The girls had so much fun playing with everyone and Danny and I enjoyed seating around and talking with the family.
more cousin fun
This is what the guys do.
The girls doing a cookie project.
The girls playing dominos.
After this I stopped taking pictures and just enjoyed being with my family.  
We were not ready to come home but we had a lot to do once we got home to get ready for the week.  Hopefully we can all get together this summer for another family get together.

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