Vintage Barbie Birthday

Kate wanted to have a Barbie birthday party this year so I went searching for the perfect invitation and found this one…which inspired the whole party.
I have a new favorite shop on Etsy – Sweet Peach Paperie
Kate’s invitation turned out so cute and so did all the decorations!
Kate all dressed and ready for her friends to arrive.
After my cooking disaster on Friday I decided to order cupcakes and they turned out perfect
all the yummy food.
of course the family birthday picture.
Instead of a red carpet we had a hot pink carpet
When I was trying to think of an activity for all the kids to do I thought it would be fun to play Pin the Bow on Barbie.  Thank goodness for my creative friends because Avery’s mom Angi did a great creating this poster for the kids to pin the “bows” on Barbie.
All the kids had so much fun playing the game.  The winner was Austin, Kate’s friend from Mrs. Shelley’s!  He was so excited that he won.
After all the kids had their turn.
Now time for cake.
All the kids and grown ups having a picnic on the floor.
Finally time to open presents.
Now the BFFs are both 5. 
Kate had a great birthday with all of her friends and got a lot of fun presents!  Thank you to all the friends and family that were able to come make this birthday extra special!!!

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