Fun Day with Abigail

Kate had birthday Saturday morning so while she was there the three of us headed to Willowbend Mall to walk around. Abigail loves being the only child because she gets all the attention.
She had enjoyed playing in the play area with all the kids.
And then it was time to head to Claire’s to get her ears pierced.  We have been talking about this for months! She was still very nervous about getting her ears pierced but with some coaxing she was in the chair ready to go.
Few tears later okay a lot of tears later she was sitting in the food court eating some ice cream.  As soon as they were done with the piercing Danny picked her up and took her out of the store because she was crying so much!  We felt so bad but as soon as she started eating her ice cream she had forgotten about the pain. 
She has loved showing them off…

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