Build A Bear

I think we are probably the only people that have never been to Build A Bear.  We have avoided that place like the plague because I know that it is a dangerous place!  Kate was so excited that she got a gift card for her birthday, which is a great idea, so we headed there on Saturday.  Kate know exactly which bear she wanted and it took a few minutes for Abigail to figure out which she wanted but once they picked them they were ready to go.
Kate picked the rainbow bear and Abigail picked the panda bear.
Abigail waiting patiently.
Kate so excited about her bear.
Putting the stuffing in the bear.
Almost ready
Her bear is ready for a bath now.
Now Abigail’s turn
Helping with the stuffing process
Getting them all fresh and clean
and of course brushing them and fluffing them up.
Time to introduce Taylor White (Kate’s) and Charlotte White (Abigail’s)
The girls had a great time and I am sure this will not be our last trip to Build A Bear.

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