Kate Lost a Tooth!!!

Kate finally lost her first tooth last night (3/2/13). Her two bottom teeth have been loose for almost 2 months. Her dentist did not think anything of it that her teeth were loose because children usually start loosing there teeth after age 5. However, majority of children loose their first tooth during Kindergarten but I guess Kate will be doing things on her own schedule.

This is how the tooth has looked for the past week, barely hanging on!  She would not let us pull it and we tried everything from apples, to gum, and to every trick in the book but she would not fall for it.

Finally gone and you can see the permanent one coming in already. She pulled it out all by herself!!

The tooth up close.
She was excited when she woke up this morning and the Tooth Fairy had left her a gold dollar coin.  However, she asked if we could ask the tooth fairy to leave a dollar bill next time. 
I was going through some old pictures on our computer today and found this picture.  This is me right after I lost my very first tooth, really cool!  Not sure how old I am in this picture.

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