13 Year Ago…

Thirteen years ago today I meet the man of my dreams.  I didn’t know then that he would eventually be my wonderful husband and the amazing father to our two beautiful girls but I knew that he was someone that I wanted to spend every minute with while we were in college.  We have a very unique story for the place we met that night and many people don’t know about it.  So if you don’t know Danny and I met at Poking You Tattoo in College Station.  Let’s just say we were very young and in college, so if you would like more details feel free to send me an email.  From the day we met until the day we got married we were always together.  We both knew about 4 months into our relationship that we going to be together for a very long time.  I am so thankful God put Danny in my life 13 years ago and changed my life forever.

Our very first picture together.  Probably taken about 3 days after we had been introduced.
Here are few pictures from our past…
My date to the Cattle Baron’s Ball – a big American Cancer Society Event in Bryan/College Station.
 One of the many A&M games we went to.

This picture was take just a few hours before Danny proposed to me in Central Park. If you look really close you can see the outline of the ring box in his jacket pocket.

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