5 years with Shelley

It seems just like yesterday I was calling Shelley to talk to her about watching Kate when I went back to work.  Danny and I were so nervous the first day we dropped Kate off at Shelley’s house.  I think I called like 4 times that day to check on her and I am pretty sure Danny did the same thing.  Fast foward 5 years later and I could not imagine our lives without Shelley and her family.  Kate has learned so much from her time with Shelley and is going to be ready for Kindergarten later this year.  Shelley’s family has really just become part of our family and they all mean the world to us.  I have had to stop several times while I am typing this because I have started crying because I know how hard it is going to be when Kate goes to Shelley’s for the last time this summer.  Thank you Shelley for everything you have done for Kate and our family.

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