Old McDonald’s Farm

I have said it before but I was raised playing on my family’s ranch and around many farm animals.  I really want the girls to have those same experiences.  I have a co worker that has started to raise goats, chickens and has a lot of cows so the girls have started to call her farm – Old McDonalds.  Kate and Abigail also have named her last 6 chickens that she bought!  Earlier this week we loaded up and headed out to Tonya’s house for some fun on the farm. 

Tucker saying hello to Kate.
This was as close as Abigail would get to Tucker.
Tonya showed Kate how to milk Princess.  We all tried goat milk too and it was so good!
Up next the girls got to feed the chickens.  I am pretty sure the chickens will not need to eat for a few days considering how much feed the girls gave them.
After they dumped all their feed out it was time to check the chicken coupe to see if there was any freshly laid eggs and there was two!
Kate getting the eggs out.
Thank you Tonya for letting the girls come out and have some fun at your house.  They had a blast…

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