Weekly Update

The week after spring break is always crazy.  We move so slow after being out of our routine for a week and work is crazy because we have been closed for a week, so I am so glad that it is Friday! Here is a glimpse into what has happened this week…
I celebrated my 34th birthday with Danny and the girls.  This picture cracks me up because it shows how Abigail is always a goofball when we try to take pictures.
Danny and the girls picked at the best birthday present for me. I love watches!
We said goodbye to Danny’s corvette. 🙁
But said hello to his new white Ford Raptor, this truck is perfect for TMX (Texas Motorworx)
This girls finally got their bunk bed!  They were so excited.
This morning instead of watching cartoons they were still in bed reading books.
Now time to repaint and redecorate their room.

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