BFG Easter Egg Hunt

Two months ago we were nervous of what God had planned for us but we were ready and willing to follow God’s plan. God led us to 3 wonderful couples to help us start and lead a new BFG class. Then God put all the pieces together for us to meet Lara and David Harrelson and we knew immediately that he was the right person to teach the new BFG. Danny and I knew from our first meeting with the Harrelson’s that this couple was a couple that we could not wait to get to know more. We have already built a close relationship with them and their sweet family. So finally our first Sunday arrived for us to kick off our new BFG and we did not know who God would place in our class but on that Sunday he introduced us to 3 more amazing couples. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about our new class and how amazing it has been to see God’s hand in building our new class. We had our first social this past Sunday – Easter Egg Hunt. All the kids had so much fun! After the hunt we all went back to the Harrelson’s house to eat dessert and socialize. Sunday afternoon was a blast and I can’t wait until our next social!
Abigail is ready to hunt some eggs.
Little Abby and big girl Abby.   Abigail loves Abby and is always talking about her.
The parents helping the little kids find the eggs.
Parker having fun at his first Easter Egg Hunt.
Kate’s basket was overflowing with eggs.  I told her to go share some of her eggs with the other little kids.
Abigail cheesing for the camera.
Parker and Kate comparing how many eggs they had.
I love these families represented here and so glad that God put them in our lives.
(All the kids minus Beckham.)

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