Easter Egg Hunt #2

We always look forward to the Easter Egg Hunt at Mrs. Shelley’s house every year.  I love to go and watch all the kids go crazy trying to get eggs.  Shelley runs a very organized hunt.  She lets the kids enter the area by age and also makes sure that every child gets the same number of eggs – so that it is fair (I love this idea).  Since her backyard was muddy this year we hid all the eggs upstairs.

The kids waiting patiently for their baskets.
got their baskets so now they are ready.
The 5 oldest kids waiting for their time to go upstairs.
Let the fun begin…

The kids counting their eggs and checking out what they got.
Ellie, Parker, and Kate
Kate, Austin, and Kaden
Kate and Abigail coloring their eggs.

Abigail wanted to help Parker color his Easter Egg.
Now time to get ready for the next two Easter Egg hunts they have this weekend.

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