IPhone Picture Update…

Here are some random pictures from the past month that I had on my IPhone…

Caleb’s mom sent me this cute picture of Kinley, Caleb, and Kate this past week. (The picture was taken at Kate’s birthday party in January).  These kiddos have become such good friends.
I saw this saying on Pinterest (a grandparent’s house is where cousins become best friends)
 and made a sign for my parents to have out their house.
Danny and I went to our friend’s 40th birthday party.  Everyone had to wear a wig.
the girls love to Skype
Self portrait of the girls and I.  We were ready for a fun Saturday.
The girls painting their bird feeders.
Kate is my country girl.  She was bottle feeding my friends new baby goat.
Having breakfast for dinner, their favorite meal.
Finally, the girls wanted me to take their picture before they went to Shelley’s house today.

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