Kindergarten Roundup

Let the crying begin.  Tuesday night Kate’s elementary school had Kindergarten Roundup.  I was shocked how the little boys out numbered the girls.  When Danny noticed this he thought that home school may be a good option.  All the little boys seemed to know each other but all the girls stayed close to their parents and were very shy.  We took a tour of the school to see all the classrooms that Kate would be going to – music, PE, art, computer lab, and the library.  The tour concluded by seeing the 4 different kindergarten classrooms.  Kate was most excited about going to computer class – not surprised at all because she loves the computer!

Ready to walk to the school.

She was really paying attention to the teacher during the tour.
I love this picture because it really shows her excitement.
All done with the tour and ready to head home.
and of course little sister wanted to be in a picture.
She is so excited about starting school this Fall.  Up next is kinder screening this summer and then meet the teacher night!  I may need some medication on August 26th or a huge box of Kleenex!

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