Dress Rehearsal

Sunday morning was a busy day around our house not only was it Father’s Day and we would be celebrating Danny but the girls had their big dance recital.  We started the morning off really early with dress rehearsal at the Eisemann Center.
Ready to practice.
Kate in her ballet outfit.
Abigail ready for her first dress rehearsal
From the far right to the left – Avery then Kate
Close up of Kate and Avery
Abigail is on the back row.
Better pic of Abigail.
Abigail’s is all done.
Now time for Kate’s tap dance.
During the girl’s dance rehearsal Mrs. Loree ran into them in the dressing room…
Abigail and Kinley
Kate and Kinley
The girls did a great job during the dress rehearsal! So proud of how their dance skills have improved so much this year.

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