Dance Recital 2013

We were able to relax for about 1.5 hours before we had to start doing hair and make-up and headed back to the Eisemann for the girls big performance.
Abigail all dressed and ready to perform. 
(Kate did not want a picture taken before the show.)
All the dancers giving a final bow.
The three musketeers after they finished the recital – they each did a great job!
Family picture with all their flowers!
So excited that Pops and Mimi came to watch the recital.
Also, so glad that Mrs. Shelley, Rachel and Grandma Sullivan came to watch the girls dance.
The girls did such a great job.
Kate and Avery
Both girls had the same teacher and she was a great teacher – Ms. Sam
We had another great year at the Dance Movement and the girls have learned so much. 

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