Busy but Fun Weekend

This past weekend was crazy busy but we had a lot of fun.  We started the weekend off with an evening swim at the beach club with friends.  However, the evening ended early thanks to the little kid that pooped in the pool.  So after 30 minutes of swimming we loaded up and headed home.  The next morning the girls got back in their swimsuits so they could go to Austin’s Birthday Party.  He wanted to have a silly string and shaving cream party – get dirty party.
The girls ready for the fun.
Handing out the silly string and shaving cream.
Let the craziness begin!
of course it is not a party unless someone starts to cry.
Still having fun.
Abigail’s after picture
Avery’s after picture
And Kate’s after picture
After the all the kids were covered with silly string and shaving cream it was time for a water balloon and water gun fight.
Kate off to get someone, probably her sister.
The birthday boy ready to blow out his candles. 
Happy 5th Birthday Austin!!
After the girls took a long nap they changed into their swimsuits again.  This time we were heading to Gloria’s in Fairview and to play at the splash pad.
These girls had a great time.
Watching the fountain show.
and of course they need to dance to the music.
still dancing.
Are you tired yet because I was exhausted!
After our relaxing Sunday afternoon we headed over to the Richardson’s house for dinner and again playing in the water.
They had the perfect set up.
the kids went back and forth between the blow up pools.
All smiles.
Having a great time.
Perfect splash picture to end a wonderful weekend with some great friends!

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