Cousin Camp 2013

Last week my mom and dad hosted their first cousin camp.  The girls were so excited about the week and were looking forward to it all Summer!  We dropped them off last Saturday and they were off for a week of fun and adventures.  My parents had stuff planned all week and luckily my mom planned some indoor activities because it rained so much last week. 
Just a few of the things they did last week…
The girls off for a walk.
Then it was time to head out to the ranch to check on the cows.
They did some bike riding.
more bike riding
did some crafts – making magnets
did lots of swinging
and lots of swimming
The big girls asked to have a sleep over at Nana’s house.  They did really good!
taking pictures at Nana’s house
They ended the week with some fishing at my parent’s tank.
Abigail’s big catch.
The girls had so much fun and when they were leaving they asked if they could do it again next summer!  I am pretty sure my parents needed another vacation after keeping up with 3 crazy granddaughters.
Thanks Mimi and Pops for having cousin camp!!

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