Kate’s Visit to the Dentist

We have known for about 2 1/2 years that Kate had what they call a “bonus” permanent front tooth.  We were told when the time arrived for it to be removed we would have to go to an oral surgeon.  Two weeks ago we went to the dentist because Kate was having problems with her top baby tooth.  We found out the bonus tooth was coming in and we needed to have it pulled. Our dentist said we got an extra bonus with this tooth – no visit to an oral surgeon because he could pull it out in the office!! This past week was the girl’s regular 6 month check up so we headed back up there for the tooth pulling appointment.  
Kate’s baby tooth (which he had to pull too) and the bonus tooth
She was having a hard time smiling because she was still numb from the meds.
However, she was back to her happy self the next morning after the tooth fairy left her some money.

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