First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the beginning of a new adventure for Kate – Kindergarten.  She was so excited about going to school today.  She was a different child this morning and went straight in and was ready to start learning.  When I got home today I was so excited to hear about her day and she was talking none stop!  She talked about all the new friends she made, the books they read, the songs they sang, and all the other fun things they did today.  She said she was looking forward to going back tomorrow.  Hopefully she will feel the same way everyday. 

First Day of School Interview
(It will be fun to see how these answers change every year)
Favorite Food – Chocolate chip donuts
Favorite Sport – Soccer
Favorite TV Show – Good Luck Charlie
The Coolest Person on Earth – Mimi
Favorite part of school you are looking forward to – PE/Gym
The thing I do the most awesomely is – Handstands
If I could change my name it would be – Katie
If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to – Outer space
Favorite Color – Pink
Favorite Toy – Baby Kelly
When I grow up I want to be a – Cheerleader
Favorite Movie – Annie
Favorite Song – anything by Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber
Favorite Book – Fancy Nancy Spelling Book
Favorite Snack – Veggie Sticks
One thing I really don’t like to eat is – Tomatoes
Best Friend – Avery

More pictures from her first day…

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