Love our Soccer Saturdays

We may be busy on Saturdays but I am loving every minute!
The girls are loving soccer and all the new friends they are making.
Ready for soccer group pictures.
She has the soccer pose down.
 Ready for pictures.
Kate’s team
Kate is #4
She just scored a goal
Really concentrating on getting the ball.
They played a very aggressive team but Kate’s team did a great job!!
Now time for Abigail’s game
She is #2 and just scored a goal!
So proud of herself
Still celebrating.
She scored again!
I love this picture! She is having a great time. 
This was just day one of our soccer weekend.  Both girls had a makeup game on Sunday (sorry no pictures from that game).
They have had so much fun playing and I am sure we will be doing this again in the Spring.

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