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It is that time again – Five on Friday!!   I am linking up again this week with –



1. First things first, I posted a picture last week of a wreath that I wanted to make and I have finished 2 since last Friday and I love them! This weekend I will be making two more for friends!

My friend’s wreath
And this weekend I am making a wreath that looks similar to this one.

2.  Tomorrow night we are attending our Sunday School Halloween Party.  Usually only the kids dress up in their cute costumes but this year we decided if would be fun if the parents dressed up too.   So all the parents are suppose to come dressed as a famous couple.  My husband and I are going as the Spartan Cheerleaders from SNL.  (check back next week for pics)

3.  Last night we had our family pictures taken by our favorite photographer – ZT Photography.   I always stress out about the perfect outfits and worry about how the outfits will turn out in the pictures but they always turn out great. I can’t wait to share a preview next week!!

Here is one of my favorite pics from last night…

4.  My household and I LOVE candy corn and when I found these at Target this week I had to buy them!  They are so good and you must try them!

5. My daughter is participating in the pumpkin character contest at her elementary school (check out the blog post HERE).  I am so proud of her work and I had to show it off…

Have a great weekend!

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  1. found you on the linkup, and now i'm an new follower…YAY!!

    girl, i LOVE the spartan cheerleaders. looking forward to seeing pics! and you're the second person i've seen that has posted about the candy corn oreos…i guess that means i need to purchase them the next time i head to the store!! 😉

    also – both of your girls have BEAUTIFUL names. abigail and kate…so timeless. so lovely! just had to share my thoughts on that! 😉

    happy friday!

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