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We like to give the girls the freedom to dress themselves. There are some guidelines, for instance, they can’t wear church clothes to school or to Shelley’s house, they can’t wear clothes that don’t fit anymore, and they have to be clean clothes.   I let Abigail have a little more freedom than Kate just because Kate is in school and kids can be mean and make fun of other kids and I don’t want that for her.  However, Abigail doesn’t care what people think and no one is making fun of her at Shelley’s house since she is the oldest and runs the show.  Over the past month she has had some very interesting outfits that she picked out all by herself.  All I did was at least match a bow to the outfit, if possible.

She still looks so cute, but to just show you she can match and look super cute…

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  1. So cute!! I can tell you as a former Kindergarten teacher it was sometimes refreshing to see kids that had dressed themselves 🙂 She is super cute!!

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