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I can not believe that 2 months from today is Christmas!  I have not even started shopping yet but I hope to get started within the next few weeks.  Since Christmas is right around the corner I thought I would list 5 things that I would like to get for Christmas (hopefully my husband reads this post).

1.  I LOVE shoes but for some reason I always buy shoes for my girls and never spend the money on me.  But I would love some new shoes for Christmas… 
2.  It doesn’t rain or snow very often here but when it does it pours!  I would love to have some cute rain boots so that my new shoes that I am going to get don’t get ruined when I walk from the parking lot to inside my school.
3.  Every year my husband buys me new perfume and he always does a great job picking out a new fragrance.  Here are just a few that I would like to get this year…
4.  I recently received a Kindle Fire as a present from my sweet husband.  I love to be able to read books, search the web, and let my girls read books on it too.  So I would like a gift certificate so that I could buy more books.
5.  Finally, the last Christmas present idea is not for me but for our girls.  Every year Santa Clause brings them something BIG and this year they will be getting a trampoline.  Santa will have so much fun putting this one together Christmas Eve, hopefully it doesn’t snow this year.
Check back next week because I am excited to announce that my great friend and fellow blogger Ashley over at Perfectly Imperfect have teamed up to start
Pinterest Project Wednesday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

If you would like to see more of our Halloween party pics from last week you can click here.

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  1. Those rainboots are all sorts of cuteness! Do you prefer your Kindle to an actual book? I'm curious because I wanted a Kindle for awhile, but I'm afraid I'd miss having a real book in my hands. Have a great weekend!

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