Halloween Fun

First things first this will be my last post for at least a week.  I am going to take some time away from technology so that I can regroup.  Time to focus on my family, my reason that I blog, and time to just relax.  It is going to be really hard because I love to read updates on Facebook, find yummy recipes and crafts on Pinterest, and read blogs every night before I go to bed.  However, I know that the world will not stop spinning if I take a week vacation from techonology.  So I hope to back next weekend with some cute updates from the life with my girls. 
Now time for some highlights from our Halloween night…

Kate the Candy Corn Witch

Abigail the Pirate

Ready to go Trick or Treating
The girls with Keegan the John Deere Tractor.
Abigail and Payton
Now time to get some candy…
We start every year off with a stop at Shelley’s house…
The girls, Rachel and Shelley
Then out to Tucker Hill…
Ending the night with some of our favorite people…
The girls and Mrs. Lindsey
They had a great Halloween!
I hope everyone has a great week.

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