Five on Friday

I have enjoyed my break from blogging, Facebook, and Pinterest this past week but it is time to start blogging again. 
 I am linking up again this week with –

1.  We will be getting our family pictures back this weekend which means only one thing around our house – Christmas Cards!!!  My new favorite website to order CUSTOM Christmas Cards – Blue J Print Design
Screen shot from Blue J Print Design
2.  Before I can order our Christmas Cards I have to get my daughter’s birthday invitations ordered.  Her birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas and it always sneaks up on me every year!  This year she wanted a sleepover party with 15 LITTLE GIRLS!!! I convinced her that the we needed to have an UN-Slumber Party. 
photo credit – Polka Dot Chair

3. Last Friday’s Favorite Things Party was a hit!!  I had 15 girls at my house and they all went home with some great things!  Here is my 5 things…Vanilla Noel Hand Soap, Homemade Bath Salts, Wine, foot scrubber, and Gain Fireworks (LOVE THIS PRODUCT!).
4.  I have been really busy making wreaths and I have several wreaths that I have to made this weekend.  Here are some wreaths that are my inspiration for the weekend…
images from Etsy
 5. Finally, my family is all home this weekend and we have a very relaxing weekend planned. We will start the weekend off with my daughter’s school carnival! I love finally being apart of our neighborhood school and really getting to know our neighbors.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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