Five on Friday…

This week’s edition of Five on Friday…
 In honor of Thanksgiving next week here are five things I am thankful for…

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1.  My family – Danny and I have been married for 10 yrs. and we have two beautiful girls.  Even though are life is crazy busy I love spending every day with them.

2. My church family – We have been members at FBC McKinney for 10 years.  All the friends we have made there have become a huge part of our family. Also those friends have helped me continue to grow as a Christian woman.

3.  My friends – Even though I don’t get to have a lot of girl time with my friends I look forward to our get togethers.

4. My job – I have had the same job for over 10 years and some days I would love to walk out the door and not come back but most days I love seeing the smiles on the faces that I help.                                                
5. My new customers – I started making wreaths for people almost 2 weeks ago and since then I have been so busy!  I am so thankful for those that have been supporting me.
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I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. love your thankful heart. church family is the best. it was so hard leaving ours in charlotte, but we are looking forward to growing our church family here in our new town too!!! there is somethings so eternally special in how relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ mold and shape our hearts and our lives! xx

  2. Love your comment about your church family – we joined a community group with our church this year & I am already seeing the impact that it can have on your life as a believer!! So good!! Love your wreaths, beautiful!

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