Christmas Ornaments

Today we had an ice day so we stayed home and did a lot of crafts!  I saw this cute Santa ornament on Pinterest so I recreated it with the help of my girls.
You will need
1/2 cup – salt
1/2 cup – flour
1/4 cup – water
Mix all together and make a ball of dough (you may need a little more water).  If it gets too wet use some flour. 
After you make your ornament, make sure you put a hole in the ornament so you can use some ribbon to hang your ornament.  Next, put it in the oven (170-200 degrees) for 3 hours.
My ball of dough.
My helpers.
Making a handprint.
We did two handprint ornaments and one family thumbprint ornament.
After the ornaments cool, it is time to paint.  I used craft paint to paint my design.
After the paint dried, I used a clear coat varnish to seal the ornaments.

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