Ice Days 2013

We had our first ice day on Friday.  We were stuck at home all weekend and then had Monday off too!!  We finally went back to school on Tuesday.  I hope that this is not a sign of how this Winter is going to be but if it is we are going to have a long Winter!

Our house covered in ice.
Ready to play in what they thought was snow but it was all ice!!! 
Time to play some soccer on the ice.
During the second day of being stuck inside we did some artwork.
Then we ventured out for some sledding…
Sisters having a great time!
During the third day of being stuck inside we enjoyed church from home.
Love that our church can be seen online!
Ready to worship at home.
Finally we made some cookies!!!
We enjoyed our 4 days at home but we were all ready to get back to our normal schedule on Tuesday!!

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