Five on Friday – Christmas

I cannot believe Christmas is only 4 days away!!  This Christmas season has been a whirlwind!  I feel like I can’t even enjoy all the festivities because we have so much going on.  Every year I say that I am going to be better prepared for Christmas and then Christmas arrives and I am still crazy trying to get all the last minute things done.  So here is this weeks edition of Five on Friday – getting ready for Christmas…

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1.  This is my first year to make treats for teachers.  I struggled with what you are suppose to do for teachers!  Lots of my friends gave me great ideas!  I ended up making snacks, made a cute container for the snacks, and put a gift card in there for my daughter’s kindergarten teacher.  I also made something for her crosswalk lady and her two PE teachers.

Chocolate covered pretzels with crushed peppermints.
2.  Me and my girls host a Cookie Decorating party every year and this year the theme is Christmas pajamas.  I procrastinated and did not buy any matching Christmas pajamas so this momma had to make a pair.  I like the pajamas I made more!
my youngest wearing the finished product.
3.  This year for my coworkers I painted coffee mugs and stuffed them with some chex mix.
4.  This past weekend we went to our good friend’s Christmas Party and the theme was White Trash Christmas.  She described it as an ugly sweater party meets the Griswold’s.
me and my husband
She even had a tacky backdrop for pictures.
The Hostess in a tree skirt and one of the guest dressed up as cousin Eddy from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  It was a GREAT PARTY!!
5.  Finally last weekend we took the girls to see Ice – see more here about this great Christmas tradition…
We have been so busy!!! 
Now time to wrap Christmas presents and get ready for Christmas. 
And hopefully find time to just relax.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. toOMG your ffamily is beautiful! I love how you did it up for the ugly sweater party! The pj bottoms are so cute! I love to sew! I am a new follower! Please stop by and follow me! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh my goodness, love your outfits for the ugly sweater party! How fun! We had one to go to this year but my husband got sick. 🙁 I also love how your made treats for the crosswalk lady and the PE teachers. I am a third grade teacher and a lot of times the special area teachers and other aides and people in the school get left out. I bet that made them feel really special to get some treats! 🙂

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