Christmas Parties

This year was our first year to have double Christmas parties and it was so much fun.
Kate’s party was at the end of the school day so I was able to surprise her and show up to help with the party.  She was so excited to see me.

Ready for a day of Christmas fun.
Making Reindeer food for Christmas Eve.
Ready for Christmas Eve.
Enjoying popsicles with her friends
Now time for Abigail’s Christmas Party…
Shelley has some major connections with Santa and he stops by her house to visit the kids every year…
(be prepared lots of pictures!)
Abigail and Ellie
Ready for Santa to arrive.
The girls and Santa.
Abigail and Santa
Kate and Santa
Family picture
Group picture
Kate and her present from Shelley.
Abigail super excited about her present.
Now time to eat cookies with Santa.
Thank you Shelley for a great Christmas party. 

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