Mornings Around Our House

School day mornings and weekend mornings are very different around our house.  During the week the girls get up around 6:50.  They are dressed, fed, and out the door by 7:30.  No time to just relax and watch TV. 
Making sure her teeth are all clean
Trying to avoid her tooth that is about to fall out any day now.
now time to eat some breakfast.
For some reason she felt the need to wear sunglasses during breakfast.
Dressed and ready to head out the door.
I am exhausted just thinking about how fast we have to move on week days.
Totally different story around our house on Sunday mornings.
They wake up around 7:15 and watch their TV shows until 7:45 and then we sit down for some breakfast.
These girls love cereal!
They even have had some time to go out and play!
Since it was Sunday I curled their hair because really it is the only day we have time to curl hair.
Finally 2.5 hours later we are all dressed and ready to head to church. 
I love our relaxed Sunday morning routine!

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