Five On Friday

I have not linked up with the Five on Friday group in several weeks but I thought I would link up this week.  Here is my five…
1.  I am reading Hands Free Mama and loving it.  It is very convicting and I realize I am always to busy and I need to stop and enjoy the little things.  For the past few days I have really made it a priority to put my phone down (and silent it) and just spend time with my girls and my husband.  I know that we all are busy but I think this book has a great message and all mamas out there should read it.  She also has a great blog… Hands Free Mama blog
2. Saturdays around our house have become Upward cheerleading day.  We have 4 games left and Kate has had a lot of fun cheering with her friends.   I am coaching the girls with one of my friends and it has been a blast!
3.  I have taken a break from making wreaths but one of my friends asked me to a make a wreath for their upcoming Charity Auction for Mission Regan.  I told her I would love to do that and I decided I would do two!!  So this weekend I have to finish the two wreaths. 
4.  Next week is the 100th day of school for my oldest.  So this weekend we have to create a shirt for her to wear to school.  I love these ideas!
5.  With Valentine’s Day just a week away my girls and I will also be working on their Valentine’s treats for their friends. These are some really cute ideas!
I hope everyone has a great Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!

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