#TheWhiteFamilyDaily2014 Pictures

Our daily life on Instagram – Day 32 – Day 46
Day 32 – started the month off with our monthly trip to Home Depot.
Day 33 – Kate lost another tooth!!
Day 34 – I love our times in the mornings
Day 35 – just another webinar at work. 
Day 36 – dress like a rockstart day at school 
Day 37 – mommy and daughter date night
Day 38 – dinner with our BFG
Day 39 – Saturday morning playdate 
Day 40 – Kate making her shirt for school
Day 41 – looking for a new hairstyle
Day 42 – 100th Day of Kindergarten
Day 43 – just another Wednesday night at church 
Day 44 – our annual night before Valentine’s Day dinner with the girls.
Day 45 – just dropped the girls off with Danny’s family for the weekend.
Day 46 – Dinner out with Danny – enjoying a kid-free weekend
check back next week for the rest of the month.


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