#TheWhiteFamilyDaily2014 Recap

My goal is to take one picture a day for an entire year.  Here is a look back at Day 75 – Day 90
Day 75 – headed to Colorado
Day 76 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Day 77 – Abigail loves to dress herself and loves this dress!!  She would wear it everyday if I let her.
Day 78 – Happy Birthday Flowers
Day 79 – walking the kids to school
Day 80 – ready to drive
Day 81 – love meeting up with friends on Saturday mornings
Day 82 – Celebrating my birthday with friends
Day 83 – celebrating a friend’s birthday at bible study – yummy cake!!
Day 84 – enjoying the beautiful weather
Day 85 – Happy Wednesday
Day 86 – Throwback Thursday (they were both 6 months in this picture)
Day 87 – Abigail has strep 😦
Day 88 – serving the community
Day 89 – painting with the girls
Day 90 – decorating for Easter


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