West Texas Wedding

This past weekend we headed west to Matador, TX for my cousin’s wedding.  When it comes to weddings my family all comes together, it is always like a big family reunion!  We were sad that three of the cousins were not able to come but we all had a great time hanging out with family.
the wild and crazy cousins are back together. When they get together you seriously need ear plugs!
When you live kind of in the country (and you have 4 little girls running in and out of the back door) this is what happens – a baby bunny rabbit hops into the house!  Insert a lot of little girl screaming here! 
awake and ready to have some fun.
While the dads took care of the kids all the moms went to a bridal brunch.  My family owns a bed and breakfast and I have to say my mom and aunts are some amazing cooks!  This was just the starter course for an very tasty brunch!  My SIL and I were stuff after we left the brunch!
The girls did not care the temp of the pool water was probably 67 degrees.  There was no way I was going to get in that pool!
Now time for the wedding…
Of course Danny and I had to do a selfie.
My Nana on the right.
a few pictures of my Cousin Colton and his beautiful bride Jessi Jo
7 out of the 10 great grand daughters
These girls have so much fun playing together!!
We had a wonderful time and the wedding was beautiful.  Makes me want to get married to Danny all over again just so we can have an amazing party and go on another honeymoon!

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