Family Camping Trip

We have talked about going camping for a year or so and Danny decided that this would be the year that we  would take the girls camping.  So Danny did some research and ordered all of the camping gear that we would need and I found the perfect state park for all of us.  This past weekend we loaded up and headed out for our family camping adventure.  This was the first time the girls have ever been camping and they had an awesome time! They had so much fun and are ready to go back again.  We have actually already scheduled our next camping vacation and this time we will be going with about 9 other families!!

Loaded up and ready for a fun weekend.
Tent is up and ready for bed time.
First camping dinner – of course the girls picked peanut butter and jelly!
Now time for dessert – S’mores!!!
They loved them.
Abigail took some family pictures.
Next was Kate’s turn to take pictures.  
I am so glad our girls are finally old enough to know how to take pictures with our phones.
Saturday morning Danny cooked us all a great breakfast.
This red bird flew into our tent so Danny had to get it out.  When he picked it up it bit him.  Great morning entertainment.
After breakfast was cleaned up it was time to go bike riding.
After our bike ride it started to rain.  It rained for the next 3 hours so we had to be creative with ways to keep the girls entertained.
We had to have lunch in the tent thanks to the rain showers, so glad we have a big tent!
After the rain all the little creatures came out to sun. 
So Danny introduced the girls to earth worms…
They thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Next up was a nature walk/hike
after our nature walk the girls were exhausted and took a two hour nap!
Yummy chicken and veggies for dinner
Playing some cards after dinner.
and of course we had to have S’mores again…
playing some glow stick ring toss before bed
Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and loaded the car up so we could head home.
Ready to go home
We can’t wait to go back with all of our church friends in August!  
We got two things checked off our Summer Bucket List
making S’mores and going camping.

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