Abigail’s Family Birthday

Abigail’s birthday started off the way any birthday should – with birthday donuts!!
She asked her daddy to bring her a cake to Mrs. Shelley’s so that she could celebrate her birthday there with her friends.  So Danny being the good dad that he is took her a chocolate cake and it was delicious! 
Up next was her birthday dinner.  As she said during her birthday interview she wanted to go somewhere she had never been.  So we thought and thought about this and finally decided on Magic Time Machine!
It has been years since Danny and I have been to a Magic Time Machine (and I mine like 15-20 years!).  The girls had so much fun walking around see all the different characters (Luigi, Harry Potter, Barbie, Charlie Brown, Violet (from the Incredible’s), etc…
When we got home it was time to unwrap her presents…
her sister got her a Slip n Slide – hours of fun this summer!
and of course she got several new outfits.
She was most excited about the next present…
Her new guitar!!!
Danny will be doing this a lot over the next few years.
Abigail had a great birthday and she has already asked to go back to the Magic Time Machine next year!

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