Making Memories…

This weekend we were able to check a few more items off our Summer Bucket List

15.    picnic at the park
While we were out on the lake it started to rain so we thought it would be the perfect time to have a picnic.

4.      Try grilled fruit
We wanted to try some grilled fruit and all we had was strawberries.
Let’s just say most of these went in the trash – Yuck!!

23.  go fishing
The girls wanted to go fishing and we had some extra time Sunday morning so the girls were in luck.  They lasted about 10 minutes before they were bored.

6.      Take a surprise day trip!
We decided we would finish our weekend off with a trip to College Station.  The girls were so excited.  They love going and seeing all the sites.

we had to have lunch at Wing’n More

on this corner (University and Texas) use to be University Towers and now it is a block long apartment/condominium complex!!!

We drove by the stadium to see the progress of the new stadium addition.  One word – AMAZING!!!
The view from Wellborn (home side of the stadium)

The new addition on the south end zone.

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