Celebrating 5 years with Mrs. Shelley

On August 6th, 2009 I dropped Abigail off for the first time at Mrs. Shelley’s house.  It was a very hard day for me for two reasons.  First of all, Danny was in Germany on a Church mission trip so I was by myself, and secondly, I was not ready to go back to work.  However, we knew that she was in great hands.  Flash forward 5 years and I am an emotional wreck again!  For many families, when your baby starts kindergarten the parents are crying buckets; for us, leaving Shelley’s house for the last time on Friday the 22nd is going to be really hard. (I can’t even make it through this post without crying!)
Moving on before I ruin my makeup… Looking back at the last 5 years, Abigail has become a very independent, imaginative, and creative little girl, and by that I mean she independently imagines creative ways to bend the rules, lol. She loves to learn new things and has the vocabulary of a comedian (it’s all about the delivery).  She can count to 100, write her name, knows our phone numbers, home address, has started to read some sight words, and is so ready for Kindergarten to start!  Kindergarten is most likely not ready for her… 


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