First Slumber Party

We have had a very busy summer but I promised Kate that she could have a slumber party before she went back to school.  So this past Friday we had 4 of Kate’s friends over for the night.  I know some people thought I was crazy but it was not that bad.  The girls were great and had so much fun together.  There was very little sleep Friday night and I know my girls both took a 2 hour nap Saturday afternoon because they were exhausted!
Ready to have some fun.

I decided it would be easier to let the girls make their own pizzas for dinner.
(from our Summer Bucket List)

Dessert on the patio

PJs on, popcorn popped, and ready to watch a movie.

Saturday morning the girls were up at 6:15 and ready to go!!!

 Everyone was hungry and ready for homemade chocolate chip pancakes.

I took this picture 15 minutes before everyone went home.  Glad to say all the girls had this mess cleaned before their moms arrived.

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