Valentine’s Weekend

We started our Valentine’s week off with working on the girls Valentines for their classmates.
Up next Kate had to make a box for her party.  I was so proud of her because she did all by herself.
Her finished product…
The morning off their Valentine’s party was pretty special.  Danny was getting the Eddins PTA Volunteer of the month award so the girls got to be on the announcements with him and have their pictures taken.
The sign in front of the school.
and his book that was presented to him.  This will forever be in the Eddin’s library.
Danny then surprised me at work with the beautiful arrangement…
Our family tradition is to take the girls out on a Valentines date on Feb. 13th.  
So this year we took them to Macaroni Grill
On Valentine’s Day we spent the day just hanging out.  We had a nice relaxing day.
Valentine’s Day Past and Present…
We ended our weekend with our Valentine’s Date out on Sunday night.  
We enjoyed a nice dinner at Jasper’s.

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