DR Mission Trip – Day 1 and Day 2

I have wanted to go on a mission for several years but it was never felt it was the right time.  This year I really felt the push to go on Mission Trip.  So I started looking at the trips last Fall and started to pray about it.  I decided to go on the trip to the Dominican Republic.  I was apart of an amazing team!!!
Here were are all pretty before our flight to the DR.  I should have gotten a picture of us when we landed in the DR almost 12 hours later – yes we got to our hotel at 3 am on Sunday morning!!!
Here is our group – we had the team from Arizona and Vancouver with us too!
here we all are heading back to the hotel after our first day in our villages.
We had some free time on Sunday so we got to go the the local beach.
We didn’t get in – just people watched.
one of the girls caught a starfish! It was amazing.
The next morning we were up and ready to go back to the villages for day 2 with our kids.  We did a bible lesson each day that was accompanied by a craft and ended our day with a game.  Our age group with 10 -12.  They were a lot of fun.
The village
This day we had a medical clinic that saw almost 60 patients.  Most of the patients were dehydrated and diagnosed as malnutrition.  There are need of vitamins and clean running water.
Here are some the of sweet girls that will forever has a place in my heart…
We ended the day with a movie night in the village.  However God had other plans for us that night.  First it started to rain so we had to move everything into a tiny church.  Then all the devices we were going to use for the movie didn’t work, even though they had worked earlier in the day in the test run.  So we were able to use our own team for God to speak thru that night and it was amazing!!

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