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1.  Last Friday I posted about the girls 100th day of school and I have to say our two nailed it this year.  Kate only had a handful of friends decorate their shirts and Abigail was the best 100 year old lady I have ever seen! – 100th Day of School  and then they headed to the Daddy Daughter Dance
2.  Tonight I am looking forward to our BFG Valentine’s Dinner. (BFG – Bible Fellowship Group aka Sunday School class).  We have 31 adults coming to a catered dinner at a local restaurant.  I love getting together will all these couples and I am so glad that we will have 2 hours of kid free conversation.  The girls below are just a small group that will be there tonight.
3.  Let me just say I am a wine drinker and I HATE beer.  However my friend Kassie told me I had to try – Not Your Father’s Root Beer.  She said it doesn’t taste like beer at all and taste like root beer.  I was very hesitant because I also hate Root Beer but I LOVED this drink.  Now I want to go back and try the Ginger Ale version.
4.  This week has been crazy will all the craft making for Valentines.  We had to finish the craft examples for school and then had to get all their class Valentine stuff completed too!! I always have a plan to have everything done way before this week but that did not happen this year.  Thank goodness we finished our Crafts and Valentines. The girls had so much fun making their Valentine’s boxes for their parties today.  I think they turned out so cute and they did all the designing on their own.
5.  Finally I am looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s with my Valentine on Sunday but tomorrow we have a tradition to take our girls out for a Valentine’s dinner the day before Valentines.
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Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Weekend!!
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  1. Over from H54F – can I say that I am a bit jealous of your Bible group? This is bad and I'm admitting it here but everyone in mine is 15-20 years older than myself!!! I love them all but I would love some peers! We celebrated 100 days this week too, hard to believe how fast the school year goes by and how fast our girls grow. Have a great Valentine's!!! xo Amanda

  2. Your daughter is definitely the cutest 100 year old ever!! Love it!
    My husband has been trying to get me to try that Not Your Father's Root Beer, too! But, like you, I'm a wine girl! I saw at a local restaurant that they serve it over ice cream, like a float. Interesting…

  3. What a lovely tradition of taking your girls out to dinner to celebrate the night before. I love that. My parents did that once with me when I was in elementary school {I was allowed to bring a girlfriend with} and it felt so special! Definitely doing that with my kids 🙂

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