Friday Favorites

1. It has been crazy busy around our house this week so last night I took some time to craft.  Crafting is my happy place!!  For the Spring I really wanted to have something simple but cute. I have not made a wreath in almost 2 months so it felt good to do one!!  
2.  The other thing that makes me happy is redoing our house.  We have been in our house for almost 4 years and I am ready to redo our entryway.  We painted it a dark brown when we moved in and we we liked it then but now I am ready for change.  So I am looking at BRIGHTER and more welcoming color schemes. I plan to go and purchase the new paint this weekend and get started next week.
3.  I can’t believe we are just 2 weeks away from our Spring Break!!!  We have had a VERY mild Winter and I have a bad case of Spring Fever.  Since my birthday is right after Spring Break I thought I would start planning something fun to do.  We always go out to eat with my friends on my birthday but this year I wanted to do something completely different.  We are going to have a Crawfish Boil with some of our closet friends and their families.  So let the pinning and party planning begin!!
4.  Also this week I have been texting pictures back and forth with my husband and my BFF about a new hairstyle.  I have had the same hairstyle for probably 15 years.  Please tell me I am not alone!?!?  I really want a new cut and style!!! I have decided that I really want some cute swooping bangs and a short bob.  My appointments is in one week and I can’t wait for it to get here.
5.  Finally after my crazy week at work one thing that I am really looking forward to is my upcoming CRUISE!!!! 20 days and counting until we set sail!!!  I am going with 3 of my closest mom friends and it will be so nice to just relax for a few days without our children asking us 20 questions!  I have never been on a cruise so I am so nervous but I know that we will have a blast.
Have a great WEEKEND!!
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  1. So, I'm a Southern Mississippi Girl now living in the Pacific Northwest. I saw your plans for a crawfish boil, and now it has me missing the south more than ever. I grew up about 90 mile north of New Orleans and we went to crawfish boils throughout the spring and summer months.

    Last year, we surprised my SIL with a Funked-Up Crawfish Boil (Uptown Funk Inspired). It was a lot of fun. Here's the link:

    I hope yours is a blast! Happy Early Birthday!

  2. Love the short bob! I have been contemplating making the cut also – short hair is so hot right now!
    And the cruise will be a blast – we just got back from a Disney Cruise (albeit with our children) and had the BEST time!

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