Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!! We made it through another busy weekend of sports and girl scouts.  I really am not looking forward to next weekend when both basketball and soccer seasons collide but we will survive.  We started our weekend of with a Super Hero school dance (which I will blog all about tomorrow because it deserves it’s on post) but didn’t the girls look so cute…



After a night of dancing with their friends it was very hard to get up for their morning games but we made it…
First was Abigail’s Basketball game.



and then it was time for Kate’s Cheer game.



After Kate’s game we had to rush home because she had soccer practice and Abigail had to head out to Girl Scout’s cookie booth sell.


Even though we had a busy day Danny and I made a point to schedule a date night for Saturday.  It was great to have a few hours of just US time!!  We enjoyed a nice dinner at a cute restaurant in downtown McKinney – Sugarbacon.  One word YUM!!!!


We ended our weekend with some girl time.  I took Kate and her friend to get manicures.  Then we headed to Starbucks from some refreshments.


We had a great weekend but now it is Monday and we are ready for a great week.
Only 2 weeks until Spring Break!!!
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  1. I can soooo relate to the running around with sports and activities! Some evenings I could fall asleep at 7 from exhaustion of running around all day! Haha But YAY for an evening out!! My husband and I are LONG over due for a date night!! =)

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