Super Hero Dance – 1000th POST!!!!

This year at the girl’s school the theme has been “Super Hero” so it was perfect that their school dance would be designed around the same theme.  They also tied a fundraising opportunity into the school dance for a little boy that is a fellow student.  Our school has been raising money all year for this child that was diagnosed with Ataxia-Telangiectasia, or A-T.  I really love how the school is so supportive!!
Our little super heroes…
The girls had so much fun will all of their friends…
There was a lot of fun had by all the kids and parents too!
The girls dragged my out onto the dance floor and when I came back over to the “parent section”  I thought this was a great picture of the dads just hanging out.
We couldn’t hear a thing after we left the dance but had a lot of fun.

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