Five on Friday

We are so ready for the weekend!!!

This weekend our soccer and basketball seasons will collide – so let the fun begin!!

1.  This weekend we will wrap up our Upward season!! We have a great time this year and both girls have learned so much!



2.  Now that basketball is over we jump right into Spring Soccer.  The girls both have games this weekend but sadly Abigail will miss her first game because of her basketball game time.


3.  We have finally picked out a color to paint our entryway.  So I hope that we will be able to get that done this weekend.  We are still looking for all new decorations for the entryway but I found these cute items a Hobby Lobby.  I really wish we had an interior design friend that could help us with decorating our house!
Here is a before picture of our entryway…
Here is my vision for that wall…


4.  After we picked the color for the entryway we decided that our kitchen needed updating too.  We are going to go ahead and paint the kitchen the same color as the entryway.  So back to Hobby Lobby I went to found some fun new decorations for the kitchen.
5. Finally everyone in our household is ready for Fuller House start tonight!!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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  1. I LOVE the decorations you have picked out from Hobby Lobby. We desperately need to repaint our living room, but I am at a loss as to what color. We as well cannot WAIT to watch Fuller House this evening! So excited! Have a great weekend!

  2. This is the last weekend of basketball for us too. Luckily, we get a couple of weeks off before soccer starts up again! I have got to get to Hobby Lobby. The closest one is almost an hour away, but I've heard such great things about the place. I love your vision for your entryway hall. I'm trying to do something like that for my entertainment/living room. Stopping by from H54F! Have a great weekend!

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