School Open House

We look forward to the girl’s Open House every year.  They work so hard at school and are always so excited to show off all their work.
Our first stop last night was the gym.  They had a few of their grade level projects on display.
One of Abigail’s group projects was on display.
She had to draw and label a human skeleton.  She did a great job.
Next we headed to the cafeteria.
Every year they have an Art Show.  We love our school’s art program and the girls love their art teacher.  They have learned so much!
Their BEAUTIFUL Artwork…
We flipped a coin to see whose class we were going to go to first and Kate won.
Kate showed us around her room to see everything they had been working on this year.
Life Cycle of Butterflies… Kate was so sad because all of their butterflies they had raised died a few weeks ago.
Examples of land-forms…
I loved this project-
We have loved Mrs. Bass this year.
Finally we found Kate’s family portrait she created.
Our next stop was Abigail’s class.
She was so excited to show us her research on Polar Bears.
Her next research project was about the past presidents.
This project was all about ways to stay healthy.  She drew different physical activities.
When I am 100
I will live – in McKinney
I will have – a pet
I will eat – pizza
My favorite thing – is my cane
The best part of being 100 will be – having white hair
Abigail and her sweet friend were color coordinated for the open house.
We have also loved having Mrs. Harrison again this year.
She was a great teacher for Kate and now for Abigail.

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