Five on Friday – SPRING BREAK!!!

1.  So glad that it is finally Friday and even better it is our last day before Spring Break.  However, thanks to my sweet friend I may not be able to move for the rest of the day!  I went to my first Barre class last night and I am so sore.  I workout 4 to 5 days a week (weights and cardio) but this class kicked my rear.  I can’t wait until the next class.
2.  Everyone in my household is so excited that next week is Spring Break!!  Despite the nasty weather forecast we hope to have some fun next week while the girls are out of school.  Two things the girls have already asked to do next week – see Zootopia and go to the library.
3.  I am so ready for Spring Break because at the end of the week I am leaving on my first cruise!!  I will be flying out to Fort Lauderdale and then board our ship for a 4 day cruise to the Grand Caymans.  It is going to be great to have 4 days of no social media, no children interrupted our conversation and just have some girl time with these wonderful ladies.
I also love that we will have a balcony!!!
4.  To get ready for my cruise I have had fun shopping for cute summer clothes.
I bought these shorts and love the bright colors!
and I of course I needed to have new swimsuit.
Finally I bought a cute floral dress for one our nice sit down meals.
Now I have to get everything I will need for four days into ONE carry on bag!!  I can totally do it but I will have to be creative with my packing skills.
5.  Finally, I found a new show on Netflix to binge watch – When Calls the Heart.  Have you seen this show? I started watching it yesterday and I am hooked!  I am pretty sure between now and next Friday I will have both seasons watched.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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  1. I have been wanting to try out a barre class. Unfortunately, our gym doesn't offer one and it doesn't fit into my schedule to make it to the local studio 🙁 That's awesome you're going on a girls trip over spring break. Hope you have a fun and relaxing time!

  2. Packing with 1 carry on is a huge challenge! My husband would say that I am in the last person in the world who should be giving advice on how to pack lightly, hahaha, but my tip would be to vacuum pack your stuff. I have used the bags designed for said purpose but have also had great success using gigantic gallon sized freezer bags and squeezing the air out by hand–it is amazing how much more you're able to pack! Good luck and have lots of fun! Liz at

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